Tuesday, November 26

Review: FACE atelier Lip Glaze in Cameo

Between losing photos and feeling the post-vacation blues, I just haven't gotten around to resuming blogging. Everytime I look at all my messy photos and think of all the cataloging, I cry a little inside.

But I'll start with a shorter review to eventually get back into the swing of things.

Luxola was having an awesome sale (up to 35% off if you purchase a certain amount) so I bought a new bunch of stuff! At the rate I'm purchasing makeup, I have enough to last me a lifetime + 3 generations after me.

One of the best items I got off my haul would be the FACE atelier Lip Glaze in Cameo. FACE atelier, as you may remember, is the pricey makeup brand that produces the highly-raved about Ultra Foundation. The Lip Glaze, which usually retails for $38 was going at $9 so I bought it for the hell of it.

The product came in the usual underwhelming grey box, which I didn't bother to take a photo of. If you know the box that the Ultra Foundation comes in, you'll know what I mean.

I was a little surprised at just how large a tube the Lip Glaze is.

From their website:

Impossibly shiny and smooth as glass, our non-sticky, moisturizing formula is a cinch to apply with its sanitary, slant-tip applicator. Highly concentrated and pigmented, long-lasting Lip Glaze gives a high-shine effect while hydrating and mositurizing your lips. And as per usual (for FACE atelier), a little goes a long way.

Size matters! Our Lip Glaze is up to 60% larger than other lip glosses. Small wonder that it's an enduring PRO Favorite.

60% larger! Is that true?

Well, my Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss is a mere 6.5ml compared to FACE aterlier Lip Glaze's 15ml!

Unscrew the cap for a slanted applicator - I actually prefer this over a doe-foot sponge as the sponge soaks up bacteria/grime which you can't do much about but this slanted tip is easy to wipe down with a piece of tissue paper.

The colour is pretty much a dusky rose, and is perfect for nude lips. I wouldn't say the texture is completely non-sticky but compared to the usual lip gloss, it's about 60% (my own estimate) less sticky and just a little more watery than the usual tacky gloss which makes for easy application.

For those of you with sensitive olfactories, you'll be happy to know that it's fragrance free. There is a very mild smell of chemicals since there isn't any fragrance to mask it, but it doesn't bother me because it isn't overwhelming.

I wouldn't say it's incredibly moisturising - the hydration can't compare to lip balm - but it isn't overtly drying either. It has shea butter as one of the ingredients so for a gloss, it can actually be lauded as moisturising.

As per most gloss, the staying power isn't going to be as strong as say, a lip stain or a lip stick but I still got a good 3 - 4 hours out of this before the need for reapplication.

Dammit, I hate my lips - there's an unnaturally thick rounded upper lip and I have a humongous chin.
Anyways, here's what it looks like upon a thin application. It's not high-shine but makes for really pretty nude lips, plus it's one of those "my lips but better" shade.

It's great for when you don't want to look overdone or would like subtle lips to bring out strong eyes.

I have never been a fan of gloss, I'm more of a lip balm or stain person and if I must, then lipstick would do just fine. I hate the stickiness of lip gloss and getting hair caught in it, the white line that usually forms where your lips meet and the generally messy application of it all.

But the FACE atelier Lip Glaze has completely changed what I know about gloss - I think it's the only gloss I'll ever buy. Lemming for it in Peach which is just a gorgeous orange with gold shimmer, but it's completely out of stock on Luxola. Crossing fingers for a restock now!

Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, October 15

On vacation!

If anyone's wondering where in the world Sam is, I'm in Europe, that's where. I'm on my honeymoon and will only be back at the end of October so consider this a mini-hiatus.

Will be back with the programme soon!

Saturday, October 5

Review: Kate Eyebrow Colour N

You've always used mascara for your lashes, how about mascara for your eyebrows?

That's what Kate Eyebrow Colour N is - it's essentially an eyebrow mascara, which, according to the Kate website, helps 'change your eyebrow colour to your hair colour'.

My hair colour is black so well...that's not going to help. The mascara comes in varying shades of brown so I went with a darker brown to complement my dark hair.

This is in BR-1, and it comes in a 6.5g bottle. Looks like a concealer, but isn't a concealer.

The top unscrews a mascara spoolie, and the formula goes on wet and a little sheer. Which is good since I don't intend to have Zhong Kui eyebrows.

Zhong Kui
The wetness helps tame the eyebrows, so eyebrow wax is no longer required if the Kate Eyebrow Colour N is used.

If you're not careful, the formula does come out in blobs so you have to use the spoolie to blend and sheer it out a tad more. I use a clean spoolie/eyebrow brush to comb through after applying the Kate Eyebrow Colour N. But note that it dries up pretty quickly and thereafter, the formula becomes stiff on your brows and difficult to blend or comb through without it looking patchy.

Before picture on top, after picture below. The Kate Eyebrow Colour N is simply used to fill in any gaps between the hairs. The end is filled in with an eyebrow pencil as the mascara spoolie isn't the most precise.

Above shows right eyebrow after 12 hours. The eyebrows stayed on for most part of the day. Well, unless you scratch at it, which will then cause dried-up flakes of the formula to come off.

Overall, I do like this because it makes filling in eyebrows an easier process. Eyebrows also look full and natural without looking too overdone. However, the colour range can do with some shades of grey for raven-haired women like me.

Rating: 9/10

Wednesday, October 2

Review: Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ in Close to Heaven, Nude Reflection and Mr. Marvelous

A continuation of the Zoeva review from the last post...

Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ are said to be:

The Graphic Eyes+ Collection combines the smoothness of a liquid liner with the ease of application of a traditional pen without compromising in quality or makeup result.

One thing's for sure - the texture of the pencils is amazingly smooth and pigmented.

Let's start with Nude Reflection:

Described as 'champagne beige with crystal shimmer' - I thought this would be perfect for the inner corner of the eyes but the shade turned out to be a bit darker so it's much better for the lower waterline to make eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Next, we have Close to Heaven:

This is 'iridescent light lilac/blue', which is pretty true although I don't know where the blue came from since it is 100% lilac.

It's a very pretty colour, perfect for teenagers but probably too pastel for women treading on the wrong side of the 20s like me.

Lastly, we have Mr. Marvelous, which colour of 'black base fine purple fine glitter' made me really excited. It sounds so pretty, doesn't it?

Swatches from left to right: Nude Reflection, Close to Heaven and Mr. Marvelous

The colour is strongly pigmented and goes on smoothly, but this means the pencil goes blunt very quickly. One swatch was enough to blunt the pencil. I foresee frequent sharpening and unnecessary wastage.

Above photo is after intense rubbing. They mostly faded, but I don't think this is an accurate representation. Perhaps I didn't let the swatches set longer, but I have better photos proving the staying power of the eyeliners coming up later.

Add some water...

Nope, it didn't fade anymore than it already did so it's mostly waterproof.

A better representation of the staying power of Close to Heaven below:


In the second photo, you can evidently tell my forearm has been rubbed raw but the iridiscent shimmer of Close to Heaven stayed on. And the funniest thing is, I went out with this on my arm, forgetting I swatched it. Realised it when I was at the mall and I tried washing it off with soap but it wouldn't budge. -__-

With Close to Heaven on upper lashline.

Above shows 9 hours later (albeit with a very oily face hahaha) - no transfer, no smudging, barely any fading.

I don't have pictures of the other two solely on my lids, but I have definitely worn them. Alas, Mr. Marvelous, pretty as the colour is with its very subtle glitter hurts my eyes. I suspect the glitter bits fell into my eyes and they felt irritated and uncomfortable all day.

Again, don't think Zoeva is really suitable for contact lens wearers. However, with the shimmery ones like Close to Heaven and Nude Reflection, I didn't have any trouble at all.

With its reasonable price ($9.20 at Luxola!) and quality of strong pigmentation and staying power, the Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ would have gotten a 10. But due to it not being made to suit contact lens wearers, it's going to get points docked.

(But good for you, perfect-sighted people.)

You can purchase Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ from Luxola.

Rating: 7.5/10

Wednesday, September 25

Review: Zoeva Cream Eye Liner in Eclipse

I have to rant. So the power button on my iPhone died, and I went to get it exchanged AFTER backing up my data. Found out after exchange that my backup was corrupted so I couldn't restore my data and my notes were ALL gone. I had a list that started in February this year, of all the makeup I wear on my face each day so I can remember when I tag and categorise photos. I haven't gotten round to posting about EVERYTHING so now that I've lost that, I probably have to begin the whole picture taking all over again.

In the meantime, here's a review of Zoeva Cream Eye Liner in Eclipse, which I purchased off Luxola when they had an introductory offer (30% off!) for Zoeva.

Zoeva is a German makeup brand which isn't sold internationally, so it's pretty difficult to find English reviews on their products. Which is a shame because I'm sure if there are more reviews on the brand, their products will be highly sought after due to its price and quality.

The 3.5g worth of product comes in a sturdy frosted glass container, which is pretty bulky compared to other gel eyeliners. It also has a safety seal on it, which is pretty uncommon. When I purchase drugstore gel eyeliners from L'Oreal, Maybelline or Kate, there isn't such a seal. But it's great, knowing that the product is airtight and fresh before you gleefully tear it open!

The colour is a pretty charcoal/gunmetal, with a metallic sheen to it.

On Luxola, it's described as:

This gorgeous charcoal-grey cream eyeliner gel, with a carbon pencil effect in deep metallic grey, is a true professional makeup product. Smooth and easy to apply, this cream liner is perfect for creating a precise finish with excellent true color coverage that will stay in place all day.

I dipped my Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush in, and it cuts through the product like butter. The texture is just so smooth and creamy!

It's also crazy budgeproof.

From top down:
  1. Rubbing it so frantically, my forearm almost tore.
  2. Spraying water on it.
  3. Rubbing AFTER spraying water on it.
Nope, it is not going anywhere at all!

Ah crap, I didn't realise the first picture isn't sharp. But trust me, the colour is so pigmented, and the metallic sheen shows through beautifully.

But this eyeliner didn't seem to like me very much. Right after applying, my eyes started burning. But since I was wearing a new pair of contact lens, I figured it was them giving me problems. When I got to work, I couldn't take the burning sensation anymore so I popped out my contact lens. There were streaks of silver on them. It also took AGES to clean off the streaks - they were some tough stains and since contact lens are pretty delicate, I had to gently and patiently rub the lens with saline until all the streaks were gone.

I figured that it could well be the cream eyeliner not fully drying and creeping down to my contact lens. Which is odd since the eyeliner dried really quickly and hence, there is no hint of transfer to my crease.

I'm so sorry about the off-centre pictures. I wasn't wearing my contact lens or my glasses, so I couldn't see my camera screen in the facing mirror to judge the picture. I'm effectively blind without my contact lens or glasses (I had to wear my spare glasses at work all day).

There was no transfer to my crease or the lower lashline - just some smudging in the inner corner of my eye and a slight fading of the wing.

I really loved the colour and staying power of this eyeliner, but I wished it was made to be suitable for contact lens wearers. :(

(Sorry about not sharing the mascara - lost all my data, no idea what was used.)

You can purchase this at $11.50 from Luxola, which provides free next day delivery with a purchase of $10 and above!

Rating: 6/10